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Raw Dairy
raw dairy

One of nature's miracle foods, our fresh whole milk comes from happy, organically pasture-raised Jersey cows and is not pasteurized nor homogenized and is flash-chilled and filtered

for a delicious flavor in every jar. Our Jersey girls have the 'A2' beta-casein proteins coveted as an immune booster.

raw yogurt

Our famous yogurt is hand-made from our flash-chilled, fresh whole raw milk. Flavor to your tastes, our yogurt is rich, silky and delicious no matter how it's served.

Ask us about our favorite cheesecake recipe, just add a graham cracker crust and strawberries. 

butter, cheese, etc.

Naturally sweet, our butter, cheese and ice cream is just about the closest thing to heaven on earth.

Stock up, our hand-crafted raw dairy products taste great fresh or frozen. Limited quantities available, so don't wait to place your next order.

Dorper Lamb



The classic presentation for a roasted rack of lamb calls for "frenching" the meat—removing the layer of muscle and fat that extends to the end of the rib bones. This is our premier lamb offering.


The loin is some of the most tender, thus prized cuts of lamb. We recommend cooking on the grill, slathered with rosemary, garlic and fresh lemon juice — frequently used with lamb to enhance it's naturally savory flavor.

Limited supply, first to go.


Braised lamb ribs paired with a red wine reduction is a savory dish that presents beautifully by itself or with a light salad. Add some roasted root veggies for a hearty meal any time of year.

Berkshire Pork



Our succulent chops come from the loin, which runs from the hip to the shoulder and contains the small strip of meat called the tenderloin. Pork chops are a year-round favorite served in a variety of easy-to-prepare entrees.


A few times a year, only a holiday ham will do. This year you can brag to your family and friends that the star of your holiday feast is a happy, grass-fed, local Berkshire Pig raised special for you from The Other Side Ranch.


Rich, smokey flavors spring to life in our bacon, brats and specialty sausage. Order enough for the season and enjoy at your next BBQ or infuse a little at a time to help your favorite dishes throughout the year.

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