The Other Side Ranch uses the HydroHorse Submerged Treadmill System, a leading high tech combination of a treadmill, whirlpool and swimming pool. This treatment aides in the therapeutic healing, strengthening, conditioning and training of all types of horses.


The Other Side Ranch round pen is 70' in diameter and adjoins our 120' x 240' arena with a fenced corridor. Used for fitness, endurance, interval strength and rehab, our walker is a covered Eurociser, designed to exercise multiple horses, untethered at different gates.



With appropriate footing for multiple disciplines, including: hunting, jumping, dressage, reining, and cutting, the The Other Side Ranch fenced arena is sprinkled for dust control.

Onsite trails offer direct access to high country terrain and BLM lands. 




Delivers an immersive, therapeutically cooling modality with orthopedically correct, textured entry & exit. Horses move freely at their own pace, walking/swimming to avoid unilateral pressure on muscles, joints, and tendons.


The Other Side Ranch utilizes the Q-Line MaXuss 230 Solarium to deliver perfect infrared, UV, and four-color LED light therapy. Improves horses' metabolism, circulation, state-of-mind, immune and nervous systems.


The Vitafloor VM2 is a built-in 10' x 10' full-stall vibrating floor. Vertical vibrational therapy is used to improve vestibular & nervous systems, bone density, muscular stimulation, reduce stress & treat laminitis & colic.




The Other Side Ranch Equine Center utilizes 9' x 12' sliding- door stalls designed by Classic Equine. Widely considered the finest in the industry, these custom stalls employ specially coated pre-galvanized steel bars and a grill door for easy viewing, head to hoof. Overnight stalls utilize wall-to-wall mattress floors.


The Other Side Ranch utilizes 4 rails of 4.25" RAMM Flex Fencing. The nice thing about Flex Fence is that it will not splinter or shatter. We have chosen this polyethylene plastic fencing for its safety, flexibility, durability and stream-lined aesthetic.

Runs are floored with Light Hoof ground-stabilization.


The Other Side Ranch pastures span over 200 acres, include 3-sided shelters, running water, and Bar Bar A Automatic Horse Drinkers. Encompassed by 4 strands of RAMM's Pro-Tek electric tape and a top-rail, our pastures provide ample space to move freely in a natural horse environment.

Kate McBride, Owner

East Sopris Creek Rd. Old Snowmass, CO

Equine Center, Organic Farm to Fork & Events Facility

Tel: 970.948.0003


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